• Dubbing production

    As a company that has grown with the progress of Japanese dubbing, we have put many "movie stars fluent in Japanese" out into the world. But dubbing is a lot more than just replacing a foreign language with Japanese. It is a highly creative work that requires a special touch as much as it took to create the original work. Just as a Western dish prepared with Japanese flavors to make it edible with chopsticks, so movies are dubbed to fit the Japanese taste without ruining the original work. This delicate touch requires a skill and technique that cannot be explained academically or quantified with computers. This is our know-how in creating a Japanese-dubbed video.

  • Subtitle production

    We have introduced state-of-the-art equipment to reduce production time dramatically and streamline our subtitle production. Although we have leading edge equipment, a good subtitle cannot be made with equipment alone. It requires elaborate creativity. First, the translation has to be of the highest quality. The ratio between the original speed of speech and the time to read the subs is 3 to 1, so it must include 100% of the meaning in 1/3 of the length. The timing for displaying and ending each sub is also crucial. They cannot be too early or late, and must match the original line. This delicate timing is very important in creating subtitled videos. Both the translation and the display timing (spotting) are realized through the skill and keen sense of our experienced people. The very spirit of our movie-loving staff is displayed in the translation, meticulous proofing, spotting, and fonts of the subtitles. Only then can a good subtitle be created.

  • Production of a Japanese version of a documentary

    A documentary film can be on any topic, from politics or the economy to art, culture, history, science, animals, people, sports, or recreation. They don't simply report the facts but reflect the producer's unique point of view and must dig deep into the background of facts to communicate their message. Conversely, the audience has transformed from one which blindly accepts information on TV to one which questions the program if they have the slightest doubt or feel dissatisfied if their questions aren't answered. We must respond to these questions diligently. Therefore, the Japanese version of a documentary has an important role in a different sense from a drama. For example, we might edit a 5-hour program down to a 1-hour program. We must still convey the facts accurately and make the program interesting, persuasive, and above all, easy to comprehend. Our work on various programs, including foreign documentary programs from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has received high praise. We give birth to the Japanese version of outstanding documentaries from around the globe in order to convey the pulse of the world.

  • BD/DVD production

    We coordinate the production of BD and DVDs for movies and dramas. Using our know-how in dubbing and subtitle production, we not only localize bonus content and coordinate each project but also summarize and supervise BD/DVD authoring. Furthermore, we help the BD/DVD content manufacturers (distributors) in streamlining the planning process of commercialization through our wealth of experience in menu and chapter creation.

  • Sound production

    Japanimation, the symbol of Cool Japan. Beginning with the national icon, 'Sazae-san,' we have worked on sound production for half a century. Sound production must bring animation to life by assembling a team of talented sound staff and attractive voice actors. For each program, we capture the intent of the director or the producer precisely and enhance the appeal of the program through the power of sound created by the best sound staff and voice actors.

  • Content Production

    We have been providing a complete range of visual production services including but not limited to dramas, animation, documentaries, variety shows and others. We make top-quality proposals for new projects and meet the demands of a visual production. We offer any kind of visual production such as broadcasting programs, content packaging (DVD-video/Blu-ray Disc), corporate promotional videos and streaming content. We are pursuing the latest visual production technology to meet the needs of customers and currently support 4K-HDR content.

    Broadcasting syndication

    We sell licensed titles from film distributing / production companies to TV stations (terrestrial, satellite TV and streaming services). Also we sell original and co-funding content.